Learn 5 Critical Keys to Social Change

Access this free video tutorial, along with and action guide and audio meditation.

These five fundamental practices  will show you how to create a clear path to a positive impact without getting caught up in tensions between social groups that aim to polarize and divide.

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  • Learn tools for effective listening, so that you are clear when you speak and others listen to you
  • Cultivating a positive attitude no matter how difficult the conversation 
  • Understand how your own emotions and thoughts have been shaped by your life experience. 
  • Build resilience and discernment from the noise in social media and political conversations
  • Learn to speak from the center of your being so that people respect your perspectives

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Priya Deepika Mohan is a practitioner, coach and consultant in proactive mediation, voice music and sound healing, collaborative and dynamic leadership. After 15 years in the field of social welfare, human rights and immigration law, Priya transitioned into social entrepreneurship, integrating heart wisdom into her professional practice focusing on empowering the voice, communication and creative expression.